Our Budding Scientists

We had great fun this week doing lots of experiments. Some worked and some took extra work , but all generated fun, enthusiasm and excitement.

Building a House -Not an easy job!
Here’s the starting point!

And the final results….

Science Experiment- Capillary Action

  1. We took 3 empty glasses.
  2. We filled 2 glasses with the same amount of water.
  3. We put yellow food colouring in one glass and red food colouring in the other.
  4. We cut 2 similar strips of kitchen roll
  5. We put the 3 glasses on the window sill in the order of red, empty and yellow.
  6. We placed one end of the strip into the bottom of the yellow liquid and the other end into the bottom of the empty glass.
  7. We did the same with the red liquid.
  8. We left it overnight. 

    And this is what happened!